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Premier Underfloor Heating Wire

Keep warm with the Premier Heating Wire. Install Premier under your flooring to gently heat tile, stone, laminate, and floating wood floors for comfortable walking surfaces all year round. Safe and easy to install, the Premier Wire is approved for residential and commercial applications.

The Premier Heating Wire is easy to install. Simply lay out and attach the straps. Then fasten the Wire to the straps as you weave it back and forth across the floor. Up to 150 square feet of Premier Wire can be connected to one thermostat.

Kit contents

  • 1 roll of double sided tape
  • Strap for the Wire (Number of boxes will vary depending on sq. ft of kit)
  • Premier Wire installation manual
  • Premier Wire spool

Heat Control Kit (sold separately)

Install your floor warming project quickly and easily with the Heat Control Kit. It contains all the necessary accessories including double-sided tape and the installation manual.

Heat Control Kit Includes

  • Programmable floor-sensing thermostat
  • LoudMouth for wire continuity testing during installation
  • Premier Underfloor Installation Manual
  • Premier Underfloor DVD
  • 1 Roll of sticky double-sided tape to secure wire to floor

Features & Specs


  • Warms tile and stone floors.
  • Dries wet floors.
  • Adds efficient radiant heat to the room.


  • Completely safe for home use.
  • Ultra low EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency)
  • UL Listed (US and Canada)
  • 25 Year Warranty


  • 12 watts/sq ft of heat output
  • 10' fully grounded power lead
  • Single-point electrical connection
  • Hard wires to electrical junction box

Size Options

120 VAC

Coverage Size Item #
30 Sq. Ft. 11 Ft. 9 In. x  In. 291716
40 Sq. Ft. 15 Ft. 7 In. x  In. 291717
50 Sq. Ft. 19 Ft. 6 In. x  In. 291718
60 Sq. Ft. 23 Ft. 6 In. x  In. 291723
70 Sq. Ft. 27 Ft. 5 In. x  In. 291724
80 Sq. Ft. 31 Ft. 3 In. x  In. 291725
100 Sq. Ft. 39 Ft. 1 In. x  In. 291753

240 VAC

Coverage Size Item #
50 Sq. Ft. 19 Ft. 8 In. x  In. 291782
60 Sq. Ft. 23 Ft. 6 In. x  In. 291862
80 Sq. Ft. 31 Ft. 3 In. x  In. 291867
90 Sq. Ft. 35 Ft. 4 In. x  In. 291870
100 Sq. Ft. 39 Ft. 1 In. x  In. 291872
160 Sq. Ft. 62 Ft. 7 In. x  In. 291874
200 Sq. Ft. 78 Ft. 3 In. x  In. 291877

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