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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the floor get warm?

Premier Underfloor mats use purple-colored high-tech heating elements woven into a white polymer. The heating elements get warm and they conduct that energy to the surface of the floor. The floor becomes a large radiating surface that warms you and the room.

How much does a Premier Underfloor system raise the total height of the finished floor?

Most people put down the mat and then cover it with a 3/8" covering of latex modified mortar. So figure that a warm floor will be 3/8" higher than a cold floor.

At what temperature do I operate my radiant floor?

The surface of your floor should not exceed 85 degrees F (29 degrees C). Your control is programmed to let your floor "set back" to a reduced temperature

Will my floor get too hot?

Your Premier Underfloor control has a floor sensor that measures temperatures where you walk and there is a high temperature limit built in. Floors should not operate past 85 degrees F at the surface, so anything below that is a personal choice.

How long does it take for my floor to get warm?

The answer depends on what is below your tile. Is there insulation or a heated space or a cold slab? All will affect temperature rise. From a cold start, a Premier Underfloor mat over a frame floor in a thinslab masonry construction can take a half hour or longer. However, once you get your Premier Underfloor control installed, it will typically set back your temperature to a lower setting, but not ice cold. Then you can program your control to start the system warming before you need it, so it is the perfect operating temperature when you step on the tile. The Premier Underfloor control actually learns how much time it takes to bring your floor up to temperature and makes adjustments so you don't waste energy, but you are always on a warm floor.

What happens if the heating element gets damaged?

Wire damage happens duringinstallation. Usually, there is a sharp trowel involved. You should test your mat when you're ready to begin and during installation, but sometimes people forget to do that. If you finish your floor on top of a wire that has been damaged, we can help you find it. Then a licensed electrician can make a repair. The heating elements are small and you have to make sure the ground plane is working, so that's why licensed electricians should do the work. It's better to follow the precautions in your written manual and prevent problems.

Can the Premier Underfloor mat heat the whole room?

In most cases, yes, depending on the heat loss from the room. For most people however, they already have some sort of heat available, so they use their Premier Underfloor system for floor warming, but not necessarily space heating. You may find that you can close off your heating ducts or the baseboard heaters to the room.

Why do I have to wait 30 days after installation before using my new floor warming system?

The people who make masonry thinset recommend waiting to make sure their products are properly cured. Look on the side of the bag or check with them to see what cure time they require.

What kind of floor covering works with Premier Underfloor?

Underwriters Laboratory specifies that this mat be installed in at least a 1/4" of masonry. This includes latex modified thinset or self leveling masonry compounds. Over these, you can put many kinds of heat-stable floor coverings including tile, stone, slate, laminate floors and etc.

What kinds of floor coverings are not recommended?

We don't recommend putting vinyl flooring over Premier Underfloor because it may not be designed for a warm floor. Carpets and pads are not recommended because they insulate you from your warm floor.

How do I control the heat?

Each Premier Underfloor system should have a Premier Underfloor control. You can control one mat or several mats up to a total of 150 square feet on a single control.

Where should I install the control?

Install it on an interior wall out of direct sunlight. Make sure you can run the floor sensor wire from the control to the floor below.

Where are the best places to install a Premier Underfloor warm floor?

The most popular places are bathrooms, followed by kitchens, sunrooms, mudrooms and entrys.

Should I insulate under the floor?

Insulation is always a good idea. Some types of tile backerboard have insulation built in, like Wediboard. Otherwise, if you can insulate below your frame floor, it will save energy and improve your response time.

Why should I care that Premier Underfloor is a low-EMF product?

EMF is an Electromagnetic field. These fields are all around us, but experts agree that we should minimize our casual contact with it. Some products are unshielded from EMF and they can produce more radiation than an operating microwave oven. Premier Underfloor uses two heating elements twisted together to minimize EMF to the lowest levels in the radiant floor industry.

How much mat do I need?

Cover the area you want to be warm. The heat won't travel much beyond the last heating element, so always put a mat where you will be standing or walking. Use the product calculator to calculate a specific amount.

How do I shape a mat?

Lay out the mat and then cut the white webbing when you need to make a turn. Never cut the purple heating element.

Can I cut the mat if I have too much?

You can always cut the white webbing, but you can never cut the purple heating element. If you have too much you can follow directions in the manual to find places in your floor to put the wire: on each side of toilet for example. Never roll up excess mat in a wall cavity. It will get hot and fail.

How much does the system cost to operate?

You can find a product calculator on this website that will estimate the operating cost based on your utility rates and the amount of floor you're heating.

How can I fit this rectangular mat into an unusual space?

Your manual shows a number of otions. For example, you can pull the wire from the webbing and secure it on your floor with hot glue. Then cover this loose wire with masonry.

Do I need a GFCI or ALCI in my breaker box to supply power to the Premier Underfloor mat?

No. The Premier Underfloor control has an ALCI (Appliance Leakage Circuit Interrupter) built in and it will conflict with a similar device on the same circuit.

What kind of voltage does it use?

Premier Underfloor uses 120 Volt power from your circuit box.

Is one voltage better than another?

Premier Underfloor is UL listed for use with 120 volt power. There is no advantage, either in energy use or safety to using another voltage for this use.

What can go wrong with my Premier Underfloor floor?

You can find a list of things to NEVER DO in your installation manual. Follow these procedures as well as your local electrical code and your system will work fine.

How do I get support for my system?

We provide support in the United States and Canada. You can call us toll free at 1-888-432-8932 from 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday.

What's the elevator talk for a Premier Underfloor radiant floor?

People spend a lot of time on tile floors and these floors should be warm. Premier Underfloor is a simple system that is easy to install and people love it. They really love it.

Please note: This FAQ document is designed to answer common questions. Refer to the product's installation manual or appropriate instructions and warnings regarding installation, use and maintenance.

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