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Start here (Gather the information you need using the instructions below)
What you need to know.

Area of floor to heat

  1. Determine which parts of your floor you want to warm.
    • Put Premier Underfloor where you walk or stand:
      • Under kickspaces in front of cabinets.
      • Near tubs and showers.
      • In front of toilets.
      • Under vanity seats.
    • Don't put Premier Underfloor:
      • Under cabinets and permanent appliances.
      • Closer than 4 inches from wax toilet ring.
  2. Calculate the square footage of heated area:
  3. Enter the total area.

Premier Underfloor Product Calculator Printout

Please take this printout to your local Costco and give it to an associate at the Flooring Desk.

While you're at Costco, make sure you have the basic tools to install a Premier system under tile:

  • 2 1/8 in. deep, 4 in. square electrical box for thermostat
  • Single-gang mud ring for the 4 in. square box
  • 12 gauge electrical wiring
  • Digital ohmeter (multi-meter)
  • Tile installation tools and products including a 3/8 in. square trowel
  • Various electrical and construction tools: wire stripper, screwdriver, chisel

See more details about installation in the Manual or the PDF of the manual on-line.

If you have questions, call toll free: 1-888-432-8932.


Product Calculator

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